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Hotwifing World - Forum BoardHotwifing World - Forum Board

Our Forum Board consists of multiple forums. Each forum has a specific discussion theme. You may post on all forums, but make sure you keep to the intended theme and rules for each forum. Please read the description of each forum below.

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Description of All Forums on the Board

Hotwifing 101 ForumHotwifing 101 Forum(s) — for discussions pertaining to the beginning levels of hotwifing, such as how to introduce the topic to your spouse, motivations for hotwifing, benefits of hotwifing, and other topics displayed on the Hotwifing 101 website.

The Hotwifing 101 Forum(s) are restricted from any hardcore language and discussions. Please use the Sharing Hotwife Forum(s) for talk of this nature.

Sharing Hotwife ForumSharing Hotwife Forum(s) — for the more advanced discussions about hotwife sharing. Feel free to share stories, discuss your situations, and anything related to hotwife sharing. Not as restricted as the HW101 Forum.

Sharing Hotwife ForumHotwife Connect Forum — for members that place a listing on our Hotwife Connect website... to converse and get to know each other. This is a "members only" forum, so that Hotwife Connect members can specifically deal with real life connection possibilities. This is a completely free process!

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Note that all forums are located on the same board. Please post a topic on the "Meet and Greet" forum, regardless of which forums you wish to participate in.

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